Assessment & Reporting


Teachers use a wide range of standardised and summative assessment and evaluation techniques to determine the progress of each child. Each child’s progress is compared to the expected levelsof achievement as outlined in the Benchmark Standards.

Each child is formally assessed in literacy and numeracy at the beginning and end of each year to determine the starting points for instruction. 

Evaluation of both the children’s progress, and teacher and program effectiveness are considered essential components of the teaching and learning process.

One component of assessment, the National Assessment Plan Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), uses teacher assessed and externally marked tests todetermine the progress of the child.  Tests are conducted with children in year 3 and year 5. Parents receive a written report later in the year regarding the NAPLAN results of each child.

Written reports are issued mid year on PAM and at the end of the year. Parent Teacher Interviews and Learning Showcases are held at the end of second term.