Class Grouping & School Times

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Class Grouping

Our school currently has 188 students.

Junior Area

2 Foundation Classes

2 classes of Year 1/2 

Middle Area

3 classes of Year 3/4

Senior Area

3 classes of Year 5/6

School Times

Children are to arrive at school before 8.50am

9.00am-11.00am:  Teaching Session 1

10.00am:  Healthy snack

11.00am: Break 1

11.30-11.40am: Eating Break 1

11.40am-1.40pm: Teaching Session 2

1.40-1.45pm: Eating Break 2

1.45-2.20pm:  Break 2

2.20pm-3.20pm:  Teaching Session 3 

3.20pm:  Dismissal