Religious Education


St Patrick’s Religious Education is an all inclusive program that engages in dialogue with all regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds, centred in Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. 


  1. To foster within each individual a growing understanding of and relationship with God. 
  2. To help individuals to understand and immerse themselves in the beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith tradition and to have an appreciation of the faith traditions of others. 
  3. To enable individuals to participate fully in the life of the Catholic community, including liturgical celebrations. 
  4. To heighten each individual’s commitment to bringing the light of their faith to a discerning encounter with the surrounding culture and thus working towards its transformation. As part of the student’s religious education they have the opportunity to participate in a range of liturgy experiences. These include Liturgies to celebrate important events, and class and whole school Masses and Liturgies celebrated both at the school and at St. Patrick’s church.

St Patrick’s Religious Education Curriculum follows the “Awakenings” document. Awakenings comprises the Core Document and educational materials of the Religious Education Curriculum for the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat.

Sacramental Program 

The Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist sacraments are facilitated and organised by St Patrick’s School. The school supports the sacramental preparation of the children in its regular Religious Education lessons. Registrations for the sacramental program are advertised through the parish mass bulletin and the school newsletter. Generally preparation for the sacrament of Reconciliation begins in Year 2, Confirmation in Year 3 & Eucharist in Year 4.